The Spring 2021 Term is now open for registration.

The first Zoom class is on March 9th.

The Tai Chi classes will begin on WFKT and WOWL TV on Saturday March 13th.

Click here to see the Spring 2021 Class Schedule

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Check out the Other Resources page to learn about classes and programs for seniors offered by other organizations.

We want to thank all our instructors, volunteers and students for making our Fall Term a success. Many of the classes are still available on our Videos page.

The St. John Valley Senior College is BACK and it is FREE!

Since we shut down last spring for COVID 19 we have been working on ways to offer classes while maintaining safety and social distancing mandates.

For the fall term, which will start this September, we have developed classes which require no contact. We have several classes which will be presented live over the internet using Zoom. Our other classes will be pre-recorded and aired on WFKTV Channel 8 and WOWL Channel 16. These will also be available on the WFKTV YouTube channel. WFKT4 has set aside the 7:00 PM hour on Mondays and Thursdays from September through December to broadcast Senior College programming.

Our complete schedule of classes will be published in the August 12 issue of the St. John Valley Times and will be mailed and/or emailed to everyone on our mailing list. Please note we will NOT be accepting in-person registrations, registration instructions will be included in the schedule of classes.

All of our classes this fall will be FREE; there will be no membership or class fees. Remember the Senior College is open to anyone age 50 and over.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Adults Age 50 and Over

Our classes provide a relaxing and fun opportunity to meet with others and learn about a variety of subjects.

No Grades! No Tests! No Homework!